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Tour Operator

The Port of Astoria welcomes all requests from individuals and businesses alike to participate as a Tour Operator at the Port of Astoria.  Please note that a Tour Operator Agreement must be in place before a Tour Operator will be permitted to pick up passengers on Port property.


  1. The Information below is required with your request to initiate a Tour Operator Agreement with the Port of Astoria. Please email your request and information to You will receive an agreement for review within 7 business days after receipt of your request.
    • Applicant/Licensee Name:
    • Contact Person’s Name:
    • Address:
    • Phone:
    • Email:
    • Date(s) of Service: (Please specify dates you plan to operate tour service)
    • Invitation from Cruise Line:(A copy of an invitation from the Cruise Line to participate as a tour operator for those dates is required.)
    • Dock Access Fee:(A dock access fee of $100 will apply for each day you will be utilizing the dock. The dock access fee(s) is due upon signing of contract.)
  2. Once the Tour Operator Agreement has been initiated, the Terminal Services Manager will forward the agreement to the Applicant/Licensee for review and signature.
  3. Once the signed contract is received by the Port and after all required documents are received from the Licensee, the Port will notify the Licensee that the agreement is in place and request the Dock Access Fee(s) at that time.
  4. Once the Dock Access Fee(s) are received, the agreement will commence.


  • The Tour Operator Agreement is in place to protect the Port of Astoria, cruises lines and their passengers.
  • The Applicant/Licensee must have an agreement with the cruise line inviting them to participate as a Tour Operator.
  • If the agreement is not in place, the Applicant/Licensee will not be permitted on Port property.  So, it is very important that they have this agreement in place with the cruise lines.
  • Booking for tours is done through the cruise lines.  So, they would receive some of the revenue per the agreement.
  • If the Applicant/Licensee is unable to get this agreement with the cruise line, he/she can still provide the tour service.  However, it would have to be done outside of Port property.  (Port property is property from the Riverwalk to water line.)