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Tongue Point Moorage

The facilities and services at North Tongue Point Marine and Industrial Facility are available year- round to meet the needs of your commercial vessel or marine-related enterprise.

Moorage Request & Payment Agreement pdf Document

Permanent Open Moorage    
(1 Year Lease Required) $8.40 per LF per month
Live aboard Fee $50.00 per month  
Temporary Open Moorage
(Monthly Agreement)
$10.50 per LF per month
Guest Moorage    
Summer Rates (May 1 – October 31)
Winter Rates (November 1 – April 30)
$0.79 per foot per day
$0.53 per foot per day
Pier Space $0.10 per sq ft per month
Barge Ramp    
Tenant Rate
Guest Rate
$100.00 per Use 
$500.00 per Use 
Launch Ramp    
Tenant Rate
Guest Rate
$8.00 per day
$10.00 per day
Month Pass $50.00
Month Pass $100.00
Launch Float    
Tenant Rate
Guest Rate
$0.79 per foot per day
$0.53 per foot per day
Parking $5.00 per vehicle
$10 per truck/trailer
Water Cost plus 15%  
Connect/Disconnect $100.00  
Meter Service $75.00 per month  
Garbage Cost plus 20%  
Freight Dock $100 per day  
Real Estate: Please contact Port of Astoria office for current rates (503) 741-3300

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