Sue Transue

Terminal & Customer Support Manager


EDUCATION:  Susan has an Associate’s degree from Merced College.

ROLE AT THE PORT:  Susan serves as the Terminal and Properties Manager for the Port of Astoria.  She is responsible for terminal services management and coordination of services for vessels for Piers 1 and 2.  She maintains the master schedule for the Central Waterfront including the scheduling of cruise, cargo, fishing, research and other miscellaneous vessels.  Susan also manages the commercial properties at the Port’s waterfront area and provides administrative support to the Deputy Director for Airport properties and customers.   She works closely with the PFSO, Maintenance Supervisor and other departmental staff for coordination of services for both vessels and properties.

WORK HISTORY:  Susan has worked in the marine industry for over six years.  She has over seven years of experience working as an executive assistant to the General Manager of a native American casino.  She has over 22 years of experience working in the higher education field and working with unions.

FAMILY:  Susan has been a resident of the state of Oregon for over eighteen years.  She is originally from the central valley in California.  She is married and has four daughters.

HOBBIES:  Susan loves music and is a vocalist herself.  She enjoys cooking and spending time with her family.  However, she also enjoys traveling and paranormal studies.

CIVIC & PROFESSIONAL ACTIVITIES:  Susan serves as the Port representative for the Northwestern Marine Terminal Association (NWMTA).

                Phone:  (503) 741-3342