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Port Awarded $25.3 Million for P2 West

Date: 11/09/2023

The Port of Astoria has been awarded $25.3 million in federal grant funding through the United States Department of Transportation’s Port Infrastructure Development Program (PIDP) for the rehabilitation of Pier 2. This incredible investment will pave the way for a brighter future, ensuring that the Port remains a hub for seafood processors, commerce, and economic growth. The seafood processing cluster on Pier 2 is vital to the Port, the City of Astoria, and the entire region. Federal investment into this infrastructure is critical for its future and will help provide a safe, economically viable pier for generations to come.

This project funds the rehabilitation of the Port of Astoria’s Pier 2 West, which is in critical need of repairs and rehabilitation. Project elements include: (1) a new steel bulkhead wall with a 75 year lifespan and that will include a new fendering system, 50 ton double bitt bollards, and a cast-in-place concrete bullrail; (2) removal of the old timber dock; (3) backfill; (4) underpinning of the Pier 2 warehouse; (5) warehouse building concrete slab repairs; (6) new concrete pavement on the pier surface; (7) construction of a stormwater drainage system; and (8) replacement of a water line and fire hydrants adjacent to the warehouse for fire protection of Pier 2. Earlier this year, the Port was awarded a $1.2 million grant from Business Oregon to cover pre-construction tasks including engineering, design, and environmental permitting. In the early stages of the project, the Port contracted with Bergerson Construction as its CM/GC (Construction Manager/General Contractor) to provide expert project management through these critical pre-construction tasks.

Pier 2 West in Astoria is crucial to the region’s economy, but the structure has been deteriorating over the years,” said Rep. Bonamici. “I’m thrilled that the Port of Astoria will receive close to $25.3 million from USDOT to make overdue repairs to this essential infrastructure.”