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Mon, Oct 04, 2021


Q: How long will the ship stay at the Port of Astoria?
A: The vessel is scheduled to stay at Pier One from October 4th to October 14th. However, the vessel may arrive depart earlier or later if needed.

Q: Will the cruise ship come from another country?
A: No.  The vessel will be returning from dry docking in Portland.  Prior to dry docking, the vessel’s last port of call was Honolulu, Hawaii.  The vessel will complete a Maritime Health Declaration before arriving at the Port of Astoria.

Q: Will there be passengers on board the ship?
A No.  Only crew members will be on board.

Q: How many crew members will be on board the vessel?  
A: There are 216 crew members onboard the ship.  

Q: Are there any suspected or confirmed COVID 19 cases on board?
A: No.  There are no reported cases of COVID-19 onboard the ship.
Q: Will crew members be permitted to disembark?
A: Crew members will not be permitted to leave the vessel without written authorization from the Port of Astoria.  CDC disembarkation requirements have changed. CDC is allowing crew members to disembark from all cruise ships in U.S. waters with certain precautions.  Cruise lines with complete and accurate response plans that meet GREEN ship status, like the Pride of America, will be able to use commercial travel to disembark crew members.  Ships with GREEN status are no longer required to have CDC approval or paperwork for each disembarkation.

Q: What is the monitoring process for ships that dock at the port and people coming on and off the ships? 
A: The vessel will be docked at a secured pier.  Port Security provides 24/7 surveillance when a vessel is berthed at Pier 1.  The dock has a fenced enclosure.  Only authorized personnel and vendors will be permitted to enter the secured area.  CDC guidelines will be followed.

Q: Is the Port doing anything particular/new due to the coronavirus? 
A: The CDC has provided guidance for ships on managing suspected coronavirus, which details how to prevent, detect, and medically manage suspected COVID-19 infections.  Federal regulations (42 CFR 71.21) require the master of a ship destined for a U.S. port of entry to immediately report any death or illness among the ship’s passengers or crew.  The Port of Astoria will continue to work with federal, state, county, and city partners as well as the cruise lines throughout the process.    

Q: Where can I access additional information regarding safety measures being taken and how will the Port keep the community informed?
A: The Port will post updated notifications regarding the cruise ship on the website as needed.  Please see links below for additional information regarding COVID-19 safety protocol and plans.

CDC Disembarkations Requirements 
Status of COVID-19 Response Plan and Cruise Ship Color Status
Contractual agreement with OPTUM (third party medical provider)
Contract with Private Ambulance Service provider in case of medical emergencies with your crew

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