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Press Release - Business Oregon Approval of Strategic and Capital Facilities plans

Thu, May 27, 2021


Last week, the Port of Astoria reached a landmark goal when Business Oregon officially approved their Strategic Business and Capital Facilities plans. This represents the culmination of a years-long effort to develop a comprehensive professional plan that will serve to guide the Port in future planning and development and will strengthen its relationship with Business Oregon. There is much appreciation on all sides for the many hours of hard work and for the ongoing spirit of cooperation. 

The recently completed Capital Facilities Plan is a  grounding reference for the Port, with a time map of all projects, based on funding, which will help the Port to further consider project needs such as permitting, contract, grant funding, and more moving forward. The Port appreciates the contributions by its staff and RARE student, Lydia Ivanovic, who was assigned to this project through the Resource Assistance for Rural Environments fellowship program.

The Strategic Business Plan was initiated in 2016 and finalized in 2019. The plan was created by Mary McArthur, executive director of the Columbia-Pacific Economic Development District, who was contracted by the Port. A link to the Port of Astoria’s Strategic Business Plan has been included on the Business Oregon website to serve as a modern reference for other ports and the ports community.

Ultimately, the Strategic Business and Capital Facilities plans will be rolled up into a new Intergovernmental Agreement between Business Oregon and the Port of Astoria. A meeting to unveil these substantiative initiatives to the Governor’s Office Regional Solutions Team is set to occur this month. 

The full text of these plans and more can be found on the Port Vision & Projects section of the Port of Astoria website: www.portofastoria.com.


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