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May 16th Special District Election

Mon, May 01, 2017

The Port of Astoria is encouraging you to cast your vote for the three Board of Commissioner positions that are on the May 16th Special Election ballot. 

Current commissioners James Campbell and Stephen Fulton are running for Position 1. Dirk Rohne and Dick Hellberg are running for Position 2. Frank Spence and Pat O'Grady are running for Position 5.

The newly elected commissioners will join Robert Mushen and Bill Hunsinger.

The Port of Astoria commissioners are responsible for the following: "Assist and encourage world trade opportunities. Develop and expand new overseas markets for commodities exported from the ports, which has great potential for diversifying and improving the economic base of the state. Provide the development, improvement and maintenance of port facilities, public marinas, bays, harbors and channels of the Columbia River and other Oregon rivers and streams, as well as provide research or technical assistance for the planning, promotion or implementations of commercial, industrial or economic development projects."

Please get to know the candidates and don't forget to vote!

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