Janice Burk

Marina Manager


EDUCATION:  Janice graduated high school in Washington.  She is also a licensed beautician and instructor.

ROLE AT THE PORT:  Janice is the Port’s Marina Manager. She oversees daily operations of the west mooring basin marina & fuel dock, and the east mooring basin.  She also performs all accounts receivable and payable work for both marinas and boatyard. She is also responsible for supervising the maintenance of the marinas.

WORK HISTORY:  Prior to working for the Port, she worked as an assistant manager for an RV park.  In 1999, she started working for the Astoria Mooring Basins under private contract then became a Port employee in 2000. She was tasked with getting the boatyard up and running. Once that was accomplished, she continued to work at the marinas and boatyard, doing everything from office work to maintenance to boat haul-outs. She was promoted to Marina Manager in 2010. 

FAMILY:  She was born in Washington and moved to Oregon in the early 90’s. She is lives in Hammond with her two sons.

HOBBIES:  Janice enjoys camping, traveling, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

                Email:  marina@portofastoria.com
                Phone:  (503) 325-8279