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The Port of Astoria has been a port of call for cruise ships since 1982, and has invested $10 million in pier improvements to accommodate cruise vessels.

Port of Astoria staff members are well versed in the needs of cruise operators, and have updated to the latest security requirements by the U. S. Coast Guard.

In addition, security infrastructure in place meets all levels of MARSEC, and trained Port of Astoria personnel assist cruise ship security staff as requested.

Cruise operators find the facilities at the Port of Astoria meet all current and future needs, the citizens friendly and accommodating, and the beauty of the area unsurpassed. This winning combination has resulted in the growth in the number of ships making Astoria a port-of-call.

A deep water port that can acccommodate the industries largest vessels, located only 14 miles from the mouth of the Columbia River.

"Come as tourists, return as friends."

Download our Welcome to Port of Astoria flier.

pier 1 traffic diagram

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