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Commissioner Bill Hunsinger

“I was born in Washington D.C.," said Port commissioner Bill Hunsinger, "but my mom and dad were born and raised here. I was here before age 1, so I have been here all my life."

Bill was a longshoreman for 44 years before retiring last February. He has also been a commercial fisherman since 1963. He stated why he became a Port commissioner: "I made a good living at the Port of a good retirement out of the union and I wanted to give something back." He says he is the "bulldog" of the commission and is hoping he can make a difference in his new role. "As area chairman for the Columbia River and all of Oregon for the longshoremen, I learned an awful lot about shipping, and ports, and how they are run.

"Being a commercial fisherman for forty-plus years, I definitely have a pretty good handle on the fishing industry as well. My step-dad, Eddie Goodrich, was president of the boat owners association for the whole west coast so I know most of those guys."

"I am a very strong labor guy. I am very interested in labor and I think we are going to make the right steps. The new dredging permit and better dredging will open the door for better opportunity than we have had before. I would like to see some moderate shipping come to the Port. All of the big ports are out of room and there is no place for expansion. Smaller ports are going to benefit from that."

"I am looking to bring some trust and credibility back to the Port for the taxpayers and voters. We have to get past where we are. We need to take a break and settle in before we start making major decisions."