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Boatyard Rates

The following rates will go into effect October 1, 2017.

Pier 3 Boatyard Rates  
Haul-Out/Round Trip: $9.30 per ft for less than 50 ft $ 13.30 per ft for greater than 50 ft
Haul-Out 1 Way: 60% of round-trip rate  
Active yard: $0.62 per ft for less than 30 days $0.87 per ft increase for each additional 30 day period
Trailer Storage: $5.00 per day $100.00 monthly
Power $5.00 per day (30 amp) $10.00 per day (50 amp)
Crane: $125.00 hourly  
Washdown: $95.00 hourly  
88-ton TraveLift: $157.00 hourly  
Labor: $79.00 hourly  
Gear Storage: $0.20 per sq. ft  


Tongue Point Rates  
TP Gear Storage: $132.00 per block (1,200 sq ft) monthly
TP Active Storage: $0.33 per sq ft monthly
TP Inactive Storage: $0.17 per sq ft monthly

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