Boatyard Master Plan

Project background and existing conditions

Pier 3 is the westernmost of three Port-owned piers situated on the Columbia River. This 16-acre pier is currently used for haulout, maintenance, and storage. Services offered include an 88-ton travel lift, long-term boat and trailer parking, upland vessel storage, short-term vessel project areas (powered), and equipment rental. 

The Port of Astoria recently completed a Boatyard Feasibility Study that demonstrated the need for expanded services and infrastructure at the Port’s Pier 3 Boatyard. The Port is now developing a visionary Boatyard Master Plan and implementation strategy that will bolster the Boatyard’s financial health and support the development of Port infrastructure.

An existing conditions report was conducted to identify both existing opportunities and constraints related to the physical and economic characteristics of the Boatyard. The report found that, with the necessary investments, the Boatyard is well-positioned to attract vessel maintenance projects from across the West Coast.

View the report here: Boatyard Expansion Feasibility Study 2022


Design Workshop

On November 15, 2023, a stakeholder advisory group, comprised of commercial fishermen, vendors, suppliers, and brokers, met to identify a clear vision for the boatyard expansion and design. Taking into consideration existing conditions, opportunities, constraints, and aspirations, the advisory group worked to develop several design concepts. The Port is now evaluating and refining these design concepts into one preferred alternative. 

Next Steps

The Port will continue to engage with the advisory group to further refine the design concepts and identify a preferred alternative. Once this preferred alternative is established, the Port will develop a final plan and implementation strategy which will then be presented to the Port’s Board of Commissioners in Spring 2024 for adoption and implementation.


Stakeholder advisory group members collaborate during the design workshop on November 15, 2023 to create design concepts for the Boatyard.