Boatyard Expansion Feasibility Study

On September 6th, 2022 the Port Commission received the final results of the Boatyard Feasibility Study, underway since November of 2021. The feasibility study, conducted by BST Associates in partnership with PBS Engineering and consultant Bud Shoemake, is a comprehensive study of the recreational and commercial fishing fleets and the northwest coast haul-out market conditions. The goal of the study is to develop a plan for the Boatyard and East Mooring Basin guided by the Port’s mission statement:

The Port of Astoria seeks to generate economic growth and prosperity in a safe and environmentally responsible manner for its citizens through the creation of family wage jobs and prudent management of its assets.

The Port of Astoria Boatyard and East Basin Plan serves as a guiding document to substantiate the development of the Boatyard and the East Mooring Basin. To view the Port of Astoria Boatyard and East Basin Plan, please click HERE.

Proposed preliminary infrastructure improvements at the Boatyard include an environmental building, upgraded electrical infrastructure, and covered storage and workspaces. The Port will begin with early wins to improve the user experience. At the August 16th, Port Commission workshop session the Commission approved a commercial-grade restroom and shower trailer for boatyard users. Boatyard improvements will be ongoing.

The key finding for the East Mooring Basin is that the moorage revenue generated by any of the alternatives will fall far short of that needed to pay for improvements. It may be in the Port's financial interest to solicit proposals for a public-private or public-public partnership(s). Other public or private parties may have concepts for using a portion of the basin, and, most importantly, bringing additional funding sources to the table. 


The Boatyard is a consistent and profitable enterprise for the Port. The Boatyard's prime location along the Central Waterfront, current size/footprint, 88-ton Marine TraveLift, and close proximity to Englund Marine are all attractive advantages to those wishing to renovate, construct and/or maintain recreational, special use and commercial fishing vessels. The Port's self-service policy also provides an advantage to vessel owners seeking autonomy and competitive pricing throughout construction and maintenance processes. 

Though the boatyard is a consistent performer, its service size and scope of services are limited by the historically restricted footprint (4 acres), limited capacity boat lift (88 ton) and lack of covered shop space. However, the loss of log exporting has opened up Pier 3 to other potential uses.

An additional 12 acres would provide an excellent footprint for an expanded operation, allowing for an 800 to 1200-ton lift, covered maintenance spaces, offices and expanded washdown facilities. The Port receives consistent requests from vessel owners looking to haul out vessels that cannot be handled with existing Port equipment. Likewise, the Port receives many comments and requests to add maintenance building and infrastructure that could allow project work to continue through Astoria's wettest and windiest seasons. The Boatyard at Toledo is a good example of the type of boatyard expansion that may be realized in Clatsop County and the economic benefits that it may provide to the community.