Airport Scoular Processing Plant

The Scoular fishmeal processing plant at the Warrenton-Astoria Regional Airport started construction in July of 2021 and was completed in the fall of 2022. The facility’s owners – Scoular, Da Yang Seafood, and Bornstein Seafoods – celebrated with a ribbon-cutting event on October 19, 2022. The facility will upcycle Da Yang and Bornstein fish trimmings from their nearby seafood processing plants. The trimmings will be processed into fishmeal and fish oil, valuable ingredients in the pet food and aquaculture markets and both marketed under Scoular’s Encompass brand. Processing is set to begin in early 2023. 

The $17.5 million facility, the first tenant of the Port of Astoria’s Industrial Park, has helped to drive the park’s development. The construction project alone has added $5.4 million into the local economy, according to contractor estimates. This investment is a win for local business partners, the City of Warrenton, Clatsop County, the Port of Astoria, and the entire region.


In early 2021, the Port executed a tri-partite Nonstatutory Development Agreement with the City of Warrenton and the Scoular Company to govern the development of a fish meal processing plant at the Airport Industrial Park. This initial Airport Industrial Park development will accomplish three purposes: 1) drive the airport sewer infrastructure project, which will, among other ends, solve stormwater infiltration and intrusion issues at the airport, 2) bring in a new source of revenue to the airport, and 3) provide capacity for, and incentive to, other major tenants' subsequent development at the industrial park (further increasing airport revenue).