Airport AIP 26, Apron Rehabilitation Project

UPDATE 9/22/2021: 

Work on the apron has been completed and the area is no longer an active construction zone. An expansion of the original scope of the project meant that an additional area near the terminal's FBO building was repaved, improving accessibility and appearance at the site.

UPDATE 6/2/2021:

 Big River Construction will be working  on the surface restoration (concrete/asphalt repairs). Work is scheduled to take place around 6/7. However, the work may be completed sooner. 

Underway May 24, 2021

AIP 26, Apron Rehabilitation Project-Phase 2, will start on May 24th. This project will affect all aviation tenants. The contractor has 75 calendar days to complete the project once it commences. Approximately 3.5 acres of the apron in front of the Terminal Building will have the concrete surface removed, the subgrade excavated about 18-24”, geotechnical fabric placed, granular fill placed and compacted, repaved, and striped. The apron area will be closed off from Taxiway A2 and at the first taxilane exit off of Taxiway B. All other taxiways should remain open at all times. Temporary access, apron parking, and fueling of aircraft will be available from south of the construction area to the second taxilane on Taxiway B south of Taxiway A2. Because of the activities in the areas described above, all of the construction traffic will enter and leave the site via Flightline Dr. and 12th Place. Informational and directional signage will be posted.