UPDATE 6/14/2022:
On June 14th, the Port Commission approved a contract with Maul Foster Alongi (MFA) for preliminary plans per the requirements of the AOC4 Consent Judgment recently issued by DEQ. Within the next 90 days, MFA will prepare a Remedial Design/Remedial Action Plan (RD/RA) as well as a Port Layout Plan (PLP) to address future environmental concerns and outline the scope and boundaries of the project.  While the RD/RA will provide initial design and task elements, the PLP will outline the boundaries of the project as well as areas of contamination.  These agreements will provide long-term project guidance and ensure that all stakeholders are aware of site conditions and controls.  These reports are expected to be delivered by September of 2022.

Maul Foster Contract for Remedial Action Preliminary Plans

In December of 2001, the Port of Astoria was issued a notice by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality of a LNAPL (light non-aqueous phase liquid) groundwater contamination at the south end of Slip 2. This contamination was a result of leaks along conveyance lines that carried oil and gas to vessels on the Port’s Pier 2. DEQ’s determination was that the Port of Astoria was responsible for 50% of the cleanup costs.  
A site remedial investigation/feasibility study (RI/FS) was completed between the Port of Astoria and several PRPs (Potentially Responsible Parties). The site contains ten former properties with historical petroleum use that contributed, or may have contributed in some cases, to AOC4 contamination. The DEQ’s Record of Decision (ROD) was issued to the Port of Astoria in June 2019 after nearly two decades of efforts.  
On April 7, 2020, the Port Commission approved and executed a draft settlement with McCall Oil and Chemical Corporation and Exxon Mobil Corporation. In the spring of 2022, the Port was issued a Consent Order from DEQ, which provides final project directives. The Port will begin the permit process alongside development of an RFQ/RFP for construction according to existing and forthcoming engineering documents.

Project Description
The project consists of the construction of an absorbent marine “mattress” which will absorb LNAPL contaminants over time.  Once constructed, the Port will be responsible for monitoring the site for the next thirty years.  
Next steps:
Remedial Design/Remedial Action Plan (August 2022)
Port Layout Plan from Maul Foster (September 2022)
Final Engineering and Design
Request for Proposals for Construction

aoc4 pier 2 west
aoc4 pier