The Airport Industrial Park

The Port of Astoria’s Airport Industrial Park is a 45-acre site adjacent to the Warrenton-Astoria Regional Airport. Leasable land or build-to-suit options are available for light to medium industrial development or airfreight distribution warehouse capacity. Twice-daily United Parcel Service air freight service, and lease rates at substantially below those of metropolitan areas make this an ideal location for many types of commercial or industrial businesses.

The Airport Layout Plan is a graphic depiction of existing and ultimate airport facilities as outlined in the Warrenton-Astoria Regional Airport Master Plan Update, which was presented in June, 2006. In addition the report proposed an Airport Industrial Park Conceptual Development Plan including additional hangar development space. These documents were presented by consultants Barnard Dunkelberg & Company to provide a plan for the airport that will accommodate a wide range of aviation users and activities. To review more sections of the plan, please click here.

For a business that qualifies for Foreign Trade Zone 45 status, there may be additional financial benefits to locating here.

Foreign Trade Zone 45 Status

Interested parties may inquire about the possibility of qualifying for sub zone status within the Port of Portland’s Foreign Trade Zone No. 45. Benefits of a Foreign Trade Zone include:

• No duty is paid on goods entering the zone and while held in the zone.
• If goods are exported from the zone, no duty is ever paid.
• Zone users have options on when and how duty is declared.

For more information, contact executive director Jack Crider at (503) 325-4521.


Buildable Land