Port History

The Port of Astoria was estabished in 1910 and celebrated 100 years of economic development with its Centennial in 2010.

1910       Voters of Clatsop County approve formation of the Port of Astoria
1914       First pilings of the “new port” were put into place
1920       Pier 3 completed – builders pronounced it 2nd largest pier in the country
1926       Erection of new steel water tower on pier 2
1933       The Port is involved in a major downsize due to the Great Depression
1933       Resolution passed to authorize the installation of a mooring basin
1935       Aircraft fly in from all over the state to dedicate the new Airport – included in Astoria’s 125th birthday
1938       Naval Air Station at Tongue Point dedicated.
1941-1945 Port used by U.S. Government for World War II
1945       Plans put in motion for the construction of an East mooring basin
1946       West Coast Airlines begin regular air service from the Clatsop Airport
1952       Water Tower at the Airport is taken down
1958       USACE grants a construction permit for the Astoria Bridge
1961       USCG requests hangar space for two helicopters
1965       Port leases a portion of the Clatsop Airport to the U.S. Government for use by the USCG.
1980       Emergency dredging is necessary due to eruption of Mt. St. Helens eruption
1984       Pier One Renovation completed – Face of pier one re-designed to accommodate cruise ships
1998       The USS MISSOURI visits Astoria
2002       The Port’s water tower is pulled down
2003       New T-Hangars completed
2004       Englund Marine granted a lease to build an outlet at the Port
2005       Contract for Lektro expansion awarded
2006       The Port adds Celebrity Cruise, Royal Caribbean, Princess, and Holland America to the cruise lines already positioning ships at the Port of Astoria
2010      Logs exported from the Port for the first time in 15 years
2010      The Port signs a Sister Port Agreement with the Busan Port Authority in Korea
2010      The Port celebrates 100 years!
2011      Port buries 100 year Time Capsule

In 2010 Port of Astoria celebrated 100 years of economic development in Clastop County.

Celebrating 100 years