Commission Vacancies Filled

The Port of Astoria Board of Commissioners takes great pleasure in welcoming our two newest members. We are pleased to introduce John P. Raichl and Robert Mushen to the board. We look forward to working with you.

Treasurer-Commissioner James Campbell (Position 1)

Commissioner Campbell was sworn in and elected to be President of the Commission on July 2, 2013. His biography will be updated here.

Vice President-Commissioner Bill Hunsinger (Position 3)

Bill  Hunsinger“I was born in Washington D.C.," said Port commissioner Bill Hunsinger, "but my mom and dad were born and raised here. I was here before age 1, so I have been here all my life."

Bill was a longshoreman for 44 years before retiring last February. He has also been a commercial fisherman since 1963. He stated why he became a Port commissioner: "I made a good living at the Port of a good retirement out of the union and I wanted to give something back." He says he is the "bulldog" of the commission and is hoping he can make a difference in his new role. "As area chairman for the Columbia River and all of Oregon for the longshoremen, I learned an awful lot about shipping, and ports, and how they are run. Read more

Secretary-Commissioner Stephen Fulton (Position 2)

Commissioner Fulton was sworn in and elected to be Secretary of the Commission on July 2, 2013. Mr. Fulton is a manager with more than 35 years of business experience. He has an extensive background in planning and managing cross-functional permitting projects, international trade, manufacturing and project compliance. For over the past 15 years, he has effectively partnered to assess opportunities, facilitate strategic decisions, and drive successful implementations of permitting and land development projects for Warrenton Fiber Company. Steve's ability to assess complex situations and identify appropriate solutions underscores his ability to gain meaningful insight and follow up with thorough analysis. He is particularly skilled at facilitation and enjoys forging consensus among people with diverging ideas and opinions. Steve has managed a broad array of projects in industries ranging from; domestic transportation, marine operations, international trade, manufacturing, land development and permitting. Read more

President -Commissioner John P. Raichl (Position 5)

Commissioner John Raichl was born in Nahbollenbach, Germany and moved to Clatsop County as a young boy with his family in 1958. After graduation from Seaside High School he enlisted in the U.S. Air Force, where he served in various capacities, including military policeman. After his discharge from the service Mr. Raichl returned to Clatsop County and in 1976 joined the Sheriff's Office as a patrol deputy. Ten years later he defeated three other candidates and was elected Clatsop County Sheriff, becoming the youngest sheriff in the United States at that time. Mr. Raichl was reelected several times and held the job for 18 years before his retirement in 2005. A licensed pilot, Mr. Raichl has remained active since his retirement ferrying and test-flying small aircraft for various clients, including piloting floatplanes in Alaska. He also serves on the Road District #1 Advisory Board and is a local representative of the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association.  



Assistant Secretary Treasurer-Robert Mushen (Position 4)

Robert was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon, during World War II. As a native Oregonian, he is passionate about the environment and maintaining sustainability. A retired eye surgeon, he also is an advocate of sound business practices and a vibrant economy. There should be no reason both goals can't be achieved. As a new commissioner, Dr. Mushen hopes to be an ambassador to South Clatsop County and to assist the other commissioners in the ongoing administration of the Port. He is a former Clatsop County Commissioner, president of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce Board, and Vice President of CCA, Clatsop Community Action Board