Pier 2 Rehab

Pier 2 is vital to the success of the fish processors domiciled at the Port of Astoria. In 2014, the east side of Pier 2 near Bornstein’s Seafoods benefitted ODOT’s Connect IV Program as approximately 36,000 square feet of dock were replaced. Pier 2 West has not undergone significant maintenance in the last several decades and both the deck and substructures are failing. In 2016, the Port began replacing many of the substructure components to ensure safety and continual fish processing operations. Shortly after this work began, the Port of Astoria was awarded a $1.5 million ODOT Connect VI Oregon Grant to rehabilitate the west side of Pier 2.

Next steps:

  • Finalize scope of work
  • Engineering and Design
  • Permitting
  • Generate Request for Proposals
  • Review Proposals and award Construction Contract

Estimated completion date: December 2018

Pier 2 Inspection - Outside building Pier 2 Inspection - Under dock Pier 2 Outside of building, metal sheets covering dock Pier 2 - Above the dock


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