Cruise Terminal Update

Completed 9/2/15

For several years, the Port has hosted cruise ships on the face of Pier 1. The heavy influx of pedestrian traffic had forced the Port to shut down vehicle traffic at the Pier One Building. Port staff received authorization of funds to proceed with the capital project.

ABA Construction prepared the ground along the north side of the fence line. This included placement of a boulder barrier along the water’s edge and a 4 foot wide gravel shoulder. Bayview Paving paved a 12 foot wide path from the face of Pier 1 to the kiosk on the Northeast corner of the Pier One Building, and Bear Fencing then installed gates in the existing fencing to allow the cruise passengers to pass along the North side of the parking lot. Gates were also installed in the existing fence to provide Cruise Hosts direct access to the passengers as they pass by.

This project greatly improved pedestrian safety and traffic flow - and even gained the Port a few needed parking spots in the Pier One lot.

Total Budgeted Amount: $75,000

Estimated Project Cost: $20,000

CruiseTerminal1 CruiseTerminal2 CruiseTerminal3 CruiseTerminal4 CruiseTerminal5 Pathway2 Pathway3b

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