Commissioner Robert Mushen

Robert was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon, during World War II. As a native Oregonian, he is passionate about the environment and maintaining sustainability. A retired eye surgeon, he also is an advocate of sound business practices and a vibrant economy. There should be no reason both goals can't be achieved. As a new commissioner, Dr. Mushen hopes to be an ambassador to South Clatsop County and to assist the other commissioners in the ongoing administration of the Port. He is a former Clatsop County Commissioner, president of the Seaside Chamber of Commerce Board, and Vice President of CCA, Clatsop Community Action Board.

MAY 16TH SPECIAL DISTRICT ELECTION - The Port of Astoria has three positions up for election on the May 16th ballot.

KNAPPA HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS BUILD BARRIER TO KEEP SEA LIONS OFF DOCKS - Knappa High School students built colorful railings to deter the sea lions

SEA LIONS IN THE NEWS - Various news outlets reported on the issue of the sea lions down at the East Mooring Basin.